Receivership and REO Services.

AGA’s integrated service platform provides a comprehensive solution for owners, lenders and the courts by providing:

Receivership Services

REO Services - Asset Management, Leasing
and Redevelopment

Loan workout strategies for debtors and creditors

As a court appointed receiver AGA’s responsibilities include the following:

Assist the lender’s legal counsel in preparing the “Order Appointing Receiver”.

Upon appointment, move quickly to take control of the asset including all records, bank accounts, insurance policies and to secure the physical asset.

Prepare and implement a strategic workout plan.

Undertake forensic analysis of financial records including accounts receivable and bank accounts.

Prepare an inventory assessment of the asset and determine emergency repair items.

Review all vendor contracts and determine whether they need to be renewed, renegotiated or terminated.

Review insurance policies and coverage’s and procure new coverage’s if necessary.

Review life safety equipment and as necessary oversee repairs.

Prepare and file receiver documents including interim and closing reports and serve the appropriate parties.

Oversee the on site-property management team and the lease up/eviction process.

Provide personnel for maintenance or redevelopment of the asset.

Prepare financial reports on the condition of the asset.

AGA’s extensive experience in solving real estate problems enables us to create and implement “best practice” solutions for the asset. Our receivership and REO service staff are highly qualified to undertake complex assignments and to preserve or restore the asset value for the client.